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In 2011, StorageTreasures revolutionized the way in which the contents of self-storage units are marketed and publicly auctioned after the lessee has failed to pay rent. The site fills the gap between the operational systems that the industry currently utilizes and the public buyer who may be interested in the contents of a unit that is going to auction. The tools StorageTreasures provides allows the storage industry not only to comply with, but also to exceed the intent of state laws governing the self-storage industry, protecting self-storage owners, tenants and bidders. 

All StoreLocal members receive a reduced rate for listing auctions on StorageTreasures and StorageTreasures donates a portion of its fees directly to StoreLocal!

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  • Over 1 Million Completed Auctions
  • Over 1 Million Registered Bidders
  • Approximately 20,000 sold units per month
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities
  • Data-backed Best Practice Recommendations by Geographical Region
  • Licensed Auctioneers Offering Lien Enforcement Education
StorageTreasures is the exclusive partner of Charity Storage. Check out the Charity Storage website to learn how you can use your facility to give back to your community! 

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