The Storelocal membership community is an exclusive group made up of the most experienced individuals in the industry. By partnering with us, you have access to the wealth of knowledge that our members represent. From operations to innovations, our members know the ins and outs of what makes a self storage business thrive.


Join the Storelocal Community


  • Join the largest membership community of independent self-storage properties in the world, with about 1,400 properties in 46 US states and Canada.
  • Own your own future. You become a part of the solution, uniting with independent self-storage owners who share your goals and needs.
  • Enjoy all our membership benefits, which are designed to pass savings on to the store level and enhance the value of your real estate assets – not maximize profits of the community.

Compete with the REITs!


Sometimes, to compete with the REITs, you have to act like a REIT. That’s where buying as a group comes in – it levels the playing field. Storelocal is rolling out central billing, so your account with our Preferred Partners will represent hundreds of properties, instead of just one, giving you:

  • Better attention and service.
  • Favorable pricing.
  • Increased leverage to influence future development of vendor products and services.

Stay Independent – and Profitable!


Community membership protects your independence as a business owner by increasing your profit, improving your operations, and enhancing the value of your real estate assets. Why does your independence matter? Because:

  • Your choices as a business owner are being limited by vendors, which are monopolizing at alarming rates.
  • REITs are consolidating ownership of self storage properties, doubling their market share in the past 10 years by buying our most profitable assets.
  • Owners of the remaining 73% of the properties who are still independent need to work together, or risk being relegated to a second-class status behind the giants in our industry.
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Your Data is YOURS – Keep it that way!


You own your data. Not the vendors using your data to provide you services. But it doesn't always seem that way.

  • Vendors often include clauses in their contracts stating they can sell your data to competitors, developers, marketing companies, and more.
  • Selling your data works against you, providing competitors with the data they need to open properties and compete against you in your best markets.

Storelocal is different. Our contract states the opposite: We will never sell your data.

You're Never Alone!


It's hard to do it all alone. Sometimes, you may feel you're on an island all by yourself. Not with Storelocal. Our members come together to brainstorm problems all independent owners face. Recent discussions in our various forums focus on:

  • Remote management.
  • Automation.
  • Employee benefits.
  • Running cashless properties.
  • Financing to match goals.

Network and Have Fun!


Storelocal holds monthly member calls that provide valuable information, with access to previously aired calls. That's not all:

  • Industry events: Storelocal Members Only sessions and clubhouse access
    on trade show floors.
  • Members only events: Member Value Meetings around the country, plus the
    Annual Innovation Summit.
  • Joint events: Self Storage Income Conference, sponsored by Storelocal
    with member pricing.
  • Daily access: You can call any time for help solving independent owner challenges.

Boost Your Brand Power!


Unique to the Storelocal community, members have the option to join our national brand, while maintaining complete independence and ownership. This simplifies operations and enables you to compete against the giants. Launched just over a year ago and growing constantly, the brand now has over 50 member properties.

Offering you "Ops in a Box," the Storelocal Brand Program gives you

  • Online visibility to consumers. In search engine results, our consumer website,, ranks as high as competitors with over 1,000 properties.
  • Property management software.
  • A consumer website.
  • An online store for all your uniforms, collateral material, and much more.
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Stay Safe and Keep Covered!


Tenant protection and tenant insurance vendors used to only offer independent owners a small portion of the high revenue these programs generate, and claims were adjusted poorly and paid slowly. We didn't think this was fair, so Storelocal formed its own tenant protection program – the first protection plan in the industry to:

  • Give you 70% of the revenue for each protection plan sold, double the industry standard.
  • Give you 75% if you use Nokē Smart Entry technology.
  • Give you up to 80% if you use Nokē Smart Entry technology and Hummingbird
  • Pay your tenants’ claims within 3 business days of receipt of all required documentation.

Storelocal Protection keeps the money in your pocket and gives your tenants the customer experience you want them to have when the unfortunate happens. All you do is sell the protection plan to your tenants and we do all the rest. Our team:

  • Manages the program and receives claims from tenants through our online portal.
  • Adjusts claims to protect your claims ratio.
  • Pays claims, reinsures the program, and builds the reserve.

You make as much as you want with none of the headaches – the more you sell, the more you earn!

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Partnerships You Can Count On


When you join Storelocal, you gain connections! Our vendor partners offer:
  • Discounted pricing.
  • Superior customer service.
  • Priority in product development.

We have a partner in every vertical you need – if you don’t see them listed on the website, call us.

Help When You Need It


As a Storelocal member, you receive:

  • Favorable access and pricing with the leading consultants in the industry.
  • Feasibility studies, new owner audits, operational audits, and more.

Where are you on your self storage journey? Find out how we can help you every step of the way!

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A Brand You Can Trust


Use of the Storelocal logo and community assets for promotional purposes and to communicate to the world that you are a member of the largest membership community of independent self storage properties in the world.


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Join the self storage industry’s only membership community for just $79.95* per facility. We’re looking for honest operators who share our vision of an independent future. Apply now and find out what so many of the most recognizable brands in storage already know.