Building or Expanding

Are You Considering Building a New Facility or Expanding an Existing One?

Thinking of building a new self-storage location or expanding your existing facility? There are a number of considerations to be had – and possibly some you hadn’t thought of. That’s where Storelocal consulting comes in. 

First off, you’ll want to have a feasibility study conducted. This provides research that helps you decide whether the new project or expansion idea is feasible or not. It’ll let you know whether you can proceed confidently, or should be looking for opportunities elsewhere. Storelocal Consulting can help you get your study underway, estimating construction costs and determining viability based on size and location, local research (such as demand and competition), industry standards and trends, and more. 

Of course, Storelocal consultancy doesn’t have to stop there. We can continue to guide you through the planning process (including unit mix, loading areas, elevators, restrooms, curb appeal, parking, office space, climate control, security, and more), city permitting and submission, construction, and finally operations management.

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