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Buying a self storage facility is a big investment that can be very lucrative. Of course, you want to be sure you’re going about it correctly, which is where Storelocal consulting comes into play. Our consultants can do some of your homework for you, speaking with self-storage brokers, property appraisers, real estate lenders, and other self-storage owners in our network. We can also perform or commission a cash flow analysis that examines the net operating income (NOI = storage facility expenses versus revenue).


Looking to sell your self storage facility? Selling a storage facility can be a complicated process, but Storelocal Consulting takes away a lot of the stress, advising on how to determine the right value and selling price, developing and executing your sales marketing plan, and helping you get organized for a sale (financially and otherwise).

Whether buying or selling, let Storelocal Consulting help!

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