About Storelocal

You’re an independent self storage operator. You chose a market where people need storage, built an awesome facility and hired the best customer service team in town. Now you’re open for business and you’re ready to stake your claim in this multi-billion dollar industry. 

But here come the publicly-traded self storage companies. They’re bigger than you, they’ve got more buying power than you and they’ve got brand awareness. As a little guy up against these giants, it just doesn’t feel like a fair fight. 

Don’t wave the white flag yet. The Storelocal co-op evens the playing field by allowing independent self storage operators to band together. This increases your competitive advantage, gets you exclusive deals on vendors, lowers operational costs and partners you with self storage industry thought leaders. 

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Exclusive Events

Meet us at these self storage industry events. 

May 21-22, 2020

Member Value Meeting

Chicago, IL

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Industry Leaders

No matter if you have one store or one hundred stores, you need access to current information. Don’t worry. We speak your language. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and have more than 400 years of industry experience. We've taken companies public, operated internationally and built every kind of storage under the sun. By joining Storelocal you are becoming business partners with many of the most respected operators in self-storage.

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What it Costs

Storelocal is an investment, a partnership and an advocate for independent self-storage operators. Owner shares must be purchased to participate in profit/patronage dividends. Monthly membership dues are locked in for one year. We understand that every dollar you spend needs to help your business succeed, which is why we strive to operate with transparency and collaboration.

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